Founded in 2010 by a group of highly specialized Jordanian consultants, Amjad and Majdi Salameh Company (ENVIROMATICS) is a dynamic and highly innovative company that has grown to provide a wide range of environmental consultancy services spearheaded by environmental planning based on solid science, integrated with cutting edge engineering, telecommunication-based information technology and management solutions.

ENVIROMATICS was established by senior, multi-domain team of environmental and IT experts who have been working with several international conservation organizations, academia, research centers, Jordanian and foreign consulting companies since 1990

ENVIROMATICS experts boast successful completion of several challenging assignments in its various disciplines to a very diverse and demanding client base spread all over the Arab region. This exposure has allowed ENVIROMATICS to refine its offering benefiting from advances attained in various aspects in each type of geographical market

Armed with highly qualified and experienced staff and a large team of reputed international associates, ENVIROMATICS is capable of delivering solutions and creative designs with high aesthetic, technical and time efficiency. We build on a tightly integrated multi-disciplinary approach relying on our excellent team of highly specialized consultants covering a wide range of specialties. Our team provides optimum solutions from all relevant environmental aspects at the highest standards, as is now demanded to realize projects in today’s new economic realities with the inter-winding needs

ENVIROMATICS provides consultancy services in a number of integrated disciplines to a wide range of sectors and client groups including large scale private enterprise, governments and international bi-lateral and multi-lateral agencies across the Middle East through our offices in Jordan, and in collaboration with our regional partners in Jordan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Yemen

People, Water and Biodiversity are the core business domains for ENVIROMATICS. Service subjects include environment, water resources, ecology, socio-economy, socio-cultural, public health and safety, agriculture, sustainable development and tourism. Our mission is “to promote, encourage and support equitable and ecologically sustainable development through providing high-caliber consultancy services, training and awareness programmes”

Though Enviromatics is for-profit organization, our engagement with CEPF -as grantee- enabled us to develop and implement pioneer, sustainable, scalable and replicable CSOs-focused non-for-profit projects which reflects the specific intentions of Enviromatics social and environmental responsibility. More specifically, it enabled us to share our knowledge and skills with local CSOs in Yemen, and to make use of the brilliance of most recent information management technologies to develop user-friendly biodiversity information management solution which can be accessed by all intest groups (scientists, students, CSOs, governments, donors, etc.) through any smart device that is connected to the internet.

Since its establishment, ENVIROMATICS implemented more than 83 consultancy service projects. Our most recent projects list include studies and services related to the establishment of Petra Nature Reserve (UNDP-Jordan), environmental impact assessment and environmental management planning for Jordan first eco-tourism route in the eastern Badia of Jordan (RSCN), technical feasibility for the establishment of Al Mawa sanctuary in Jerash/Jordan (Al Mawa Foundation – Queen Alia Foundation, in collaboration with Al Himah Consulting), biodiversity integrating land use planning for Wadi Rum Natural Heritage site and protected area (UNDP-Jordan), biodiversity integrating land use planning for Dibeen Forest Reserve (Consolidated Consultants for Engineering and Environment), the development of GIS-referenced and web-enabled information management system for tourism and biodiversity for the Ministry of Environment – Jordan (UNDP-Jordan), the development of GIS-referenced and web-enabled information management system for biodiversity within the EAM region in Yemen (CEPF funded project), ecological baseline study for many developmental projects in Jordan, undertaking services for preparation of Jeddah environmental master plan (Ramboll Middle East), and undertaking 10 EIA studies for new economic developments in in Jordan, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

ENVIROMATICS scope of services covers Research, Planning, Management, Monitoring and Audit, Fully Automated Remote Management Systems (Telematics Solutions), Technical Advice, Public Consultation and Communication, Environmental Interpretation, Education and Awareness, and finally Training. On related subjects.

In Research field, ENVIROMATICS scope spans baseline studies, rapid investigation, preparation of Environmental and Socio-economic Impact Assessments (EIA, SEA, ESA, SEA, REA) up to feed into Environmental Management Systems and providing Environmental Monitoring services. ENVIROMATICS diversified team of senior expert associates and consultants are highly capable of carrying research related to biodiversity, ecology, nature conservation, environmental, social, grass-root communities involvement and participation, water, range land management and eco-tourism.

ENVIROMATICS offers development services for powerful Telematics-based Information Technology solutions for informed research, planning and management. Our solutions include Resources Tracking and Fully Automated Remote Fleets Management Systems. ENVIROMATICS was recently awarded a contract to develop web-enabled and Georeferenced database system for tourism and biodiversity particularly aiming at facilitating informed assessment, monitoring and management of tourism impacts on biodiversity.

Services related to its core competence subjects and business themes including environmental, social, cultural heritage, natural heritage, nature conservation, water, local communities involvement, gender and women empowerment, youth empowerment, public health and safety, environmental media, environmental interpretation, eco-tourism, eco-friendly agriculture and sustainable development.

ENVIROMATICS training services are tailored and customized to the needs of requesting body/organization and its beneficiaries. Thereto, we provide training need assessment services, modules development, training of trainers, delivery of formal and informal training, on-job training and post training evaluation and follow-up. ENVIROMATICS expert team of senior researchers and planners (full time employees and part-time associates) has extensive experience in designing and delivering relevant training and awareness services each in his domain of experience

In year 2015 we provided training on the preparation of nomination files for the establishment of protected areas in Jordan and on management planning for protected areas. Currently we are providing training and mentoring on environmental safeguarding to representatives of Yemeni CSOs (USDWE, through CEPF funded project), and training on Strategic EIA and biodiversity-oriented impact assessment to national stakeholders (BITS Project, UNDP-Jordan).

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